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This is your one stop shop for anarchist film criticism, trans feminism, radical history, and insurrectionary agitation. I’m really happy to have you reading and thinking with me. (Why are you shopping for anarchy, you might ask? This is only the first of many mixed metaphors you can look forward to!)

You can also look forward to regular movie and book reviews, thoughts and news on ongoing struggles and revolts, both around the world and here in Philadelphia, and regular updates and exclusive writing and research as I work on a new book.

Why would Disney lawyers join a Big Pharma lawsuit against the Biden administration to prevent the US from sharing the Coronavirus vaccine with 3rd world countries? And what could any of that have to do with them pillaging the archives of folk tradition for copyrightable content? My book will show how Disney used intellectual property and aggressive lobbying of the state to become the world’s largest entertainment monopoly, and how they’ve transformed all culture in the image of the mouse and the franchise. You’ll know all about it by the time the book comes out, with Haymarket in 2024.

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revolt, history, politics, culture and technology, toward the abolition of this world


Vicky Osterweil

Anarchist writer, agitator and worker. Writing movie reviews and screeds against property, whiteness and the police. Author of In Defense of Looting (2020) and upcoming book The Extended Universe (2024)